Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical Illustrator?

A medical illustrator is a professional artist with extensive training in both art and science. Most medical illustrators have earned a master's degree from an accredited program. In this training, they complete coursework in anatomy, physiology, neuroanatomy, histolog, and advanced art classes in computer-generated images, color theory, and surgical illustration. For more information on the field of medical illustration, visit www.ami.org .

What is a Certified Medical Illustrator?

Once meeting eligibility requirements, a Certified Medical Illustrator has completed an intense portfolio review and examinations in business practices, ethics, biomedical science, and drawing skills. Additionally, there are continuing education requirements and must be renewed every five years.

How much will my project cost?

There are several factors that determine cost, including medium, usage rights, and overal project complexity. If you are working on budget, let us know. We are happy to suggest options that fit in your means.

How long will this take?

Deadlines vary depending upon the project. Generally, we provide 2 sets of images for review before producing the final product. If you are working on a specific deadline, let us know.

Once the project is complete, can I use the image for anything?

Not necessarily. When you purchase an image, you obtain rights for a specific purpose. Addition rights are available for an additional fee. Most clients purchase the rights they they current need, and request more in the future.

How will I recieve my files?

All files are created and sent digitally. Most files can be delivered via e-mail. However, if the files are too large, they will be delivered via FTP.

What do I need to get started?

While the illustrator often researches materials individually, any information you can provide will be helpful. This includes publications, manuscripts, and any ideas/sketches you may have created. All information is treated as confidential and will not be shared.